Campbell River Marine Terminal

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Archive for July, 2007

Freight Consolidation

  • aquaculture material including anchors, rope, nets, chain, buoys, fish feed, etc.
  • logging/roadbuilding supplies including wire rope, machinery parts, dangerous goods, heavy equipment, culverts, etc.
  • construction goods including all building materials, concrete components, glass, steel, landscaping supplies, etc.
  • household goods including furniture, appliances, etc.
  • camp/lodge supplies including foodstuffs (frozen, cooler, drygoods), boats, outboards, etc.
  • all freight tracked in and out of terminal
  • sorting, weatherproofing, labeling, palletizing/packaging service


Barge and Vessel Moorage/Crewboat Base

  • long or short term moorage alongside float/dock or at piling/stiff leg tieup
  • water, power and garbage service available
  • parking for crewboat personnel vehicles