Freight Consolidation /
Material Handling

We handle incoming and outgoing items of all kinds. Our experienced staff are happy to assist you with all your coastal freight handling needs.

Freight Consolidation

Shipping something to or from a remote location? Just have it delivered to the Terminal and let us know which marine carrier you’ve arranged to ship it with, and we will look after the rest. Each marine carrier has a designated area where freight is carefully and professionally consolidated. All freight items are tagged, color coded and tracked via computer for easy retrieval and loading.

Additional services include weatherproofing and palletizing/packaging items at your request.


We offer 7 days of FREE storage in advance of departure or pick-up of your items.

Our hardworking crew are certified to operate all our equipment. We have forklifts that can handle everything from a single skid up to a 30,000-pound lift, and our crane has a lift capacity of 20 tons.

Our freight consolidation includes
  • Aquaculture materials such as anchors, ropes, net, chain, buoys, fish feed
  • Logging/roadbuilding supplies including wire rope, machinery parts, dangerous goods, heavy equipment, culverts, etc.
  • Construction goods including all building materials, concrete components, glass, steel landscaping supplies, paints….even big container homes and tiny houses  
  • Household goods ranging from furniture to appliances
  • Camp/Lodge supplies such as food stuffs (frozen, cooler, dry goods), water, boats and outboards
  • Or whatever you need!

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